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We’re an Instagram marketing agency that was created over a year ago. We designed our company to help you see the actual results. We strive to stand apart from the crowd. We have successfully achieved this by offering only guaranteed results for our clients.

Meet the Founder

Alec Peterson
Founder & Owner

I’m Alec Peterson. I have become the “go-to” Instagram specialist, having 4 years of seasoned experience on Instagram. Although I have surpassed numerous obstacles and helped hundreds of others learn how to successfully market on Instagram, I still am constantly learning how to perfect my craft. I’m always educating myself and looking to do things bigger and better for myself and our clients.


In the past, we became a “one-stop shop”, and were selling anything from account management, to Instagram accounts as a whole. But we found that it was very unprofitable for our clients because we were ‘just good’ at a lot of things, and not great at a few things. Since our humble beginnings, we now only offer two main services. Our clients and we consider these to be our areas of greatness.

Influencer Engagement Network

Get likes from hundreds to thousands of real pages.

We have a large network of accounts in which our virtual assistants give out likes to other people, so in return we are able to get likes. Instead of receiving them on our own pages, we give them to our clients.

This allows you to reach more of your organic audience, reach more people on hashtags, and increase your chances of “going viral!”

Guaranteed Follower Growth Campaigns

Get thousands of real followers from the USA.

We promote our clients on large influencer pages with a large majority of their followers in the US. We are able to drive a lot of traffic to your page to convert real people into real followers.

We can finish 1,000 followers in 1-3 days. This helps our clients get to 10k or 100k much more effectively and efficiently.

With over 10,000 followers, you not only will have much more credibility due to the social proof, but you will also be able to finally use the swipe up feature!

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